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how to remove makeup in emotional crisis; do not press too firmly on skin, or one might actually cry.


Sweetness & Decency


Roman Holiday

Write what you know.  I only know my secrets.  I don’t feel like making shit up.  Therefore I only know metaphor of myself and facts I’ve collected throughout my existence.  Still I feel I know nothing.  Grace and honor.  “Sweetness and decency,” she repeated kind of hating herself, prior to the Gregory Peck pick-me-up.

ten months til nov 8

“Once I get a new phone my whole life will change,” she wrote as she wondered how this could possibly be one more piece of commentary on the “changing world” (millennialism, technology, isolation, etc, etc)  

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Ten months remain until the 2016 presidential election, and though I know I live in a country where it’s sort of always been “the puppet on the right or the puppet on the left”, and I feel like it hasn’t truly affected my life, I know that it has.  “Politics” as it were are not presented in such a way that makes them easily accessible to the ones who need it the most I want to say, but I don’t know if that is even true, because I’m not convinced that being educated on politics would change my life very much, although I do appreciate the sense of “community” it brings out in America…

I’ve got to be honest.  Donald Trump has got a kind of appeal, as in he’s the quintessential capitalistic evil genius who gets shit done, and as a feminist I’ve come to understand that these types of beings are humans too.  Everyone has a spectrum of evil.  Men are more in touch with “the value of human life.”  I hate thinking about the world and who has to die for this or that to change… I hate accepting that the world is like this.

For now I’m more an artsy type who knows that art and music will survive no matter what so that’s my field.  I’m more like these people on the left than these people on the right, but maybe that’s why I kind of care right now.  I choose Courtney Love because its hard for me to imagine the awful things I’ve heard about her, and look at how lovely their family look(ed/s), and look at how civilized The Clintons and Trumps once looked:

I go for Hillary solely based on her fashion sense, in that she has none, so I know she is the kind of woman who can handle thoughts of “sizing up” human life (though it puts a smile on my face to see her rocking the plaid in the 90’s with K-Stew’s now famous “resting bitchy face”.  It’s okay to be female guys…)

She’s a fuckin’ bawler if she can play with the boys, and she’s got to have a lot of compassion to have stuck by her man during that o-so scandalous… what was it… fucking adultery?  The Clintons are just as much “celebrete” as the Trumps, except The Clintons have more class.  If you’re not stressed out enough to be driven to “commit adultery” with a pudgy intern then… you’re not doing your job as president, and I think Hillary gets that.  Dudes she’s not a pussy.  She gets over the parts of life that need to be gotten over to move forward.  It’s not like he was fucking someone like Melania.  I’m a Spice Girl at heart.  I dig both what Monica and Melania have done here:

Shit man.  All I have is the knowledge that statistically women are more likely to invest in the things that matter the most to “make the world a better place” like their families, community, and education.  Hillary’s got to be on the good side, and Melania can keep Donald… honest… or whatever… girls like that do for men like him… #feminism

And then there is Bernie Sanders who all of my kindred spirit seem to dig.  I know the dude’s got no game in terms of fashion like big flashy ads or “look at me, look at me”, and it is a little disheartening that… well… a lot of things are disheartening.  For the time being Trump, The Clintons, and Sanders are on my mind as I watch on the news that Clinton and Sanders are neck and neck in the final Iowa polls.  America… its ten months away… Michelle its ten months away and you live in New York.  What can you do?… “I live in New York and it all feels so pointless when you live in a statically democratic state.”