i believe that abundance will befall Christine and myself, and that we will serve as conduit for abundance to the earth and cosmos, or whatever it is we’re meant to do. Maybe the world is not supposed to receive abundance. I really wish I had another word for that. I think that humans and the earth can turn it around though and be worthy to receive good things.

1. Its always a good good idea to have a layer between your feet and a hard-wood floor.

always? Nahhhh but I think more often than not its a good practice. Barefoot feet in grass or earth is baller though. Sometimes proper speak just isn’t gonna happen. Also though slang doesn’t feel right. Does it? Who cares.

2. food is the most important meal of the day as well if you’re looking for some more Michelle tips.

3. Sometimes three is a nice number. The third time is a charm. Do you want a third “three”-wisdom type sentence?

wisdom. Damn. How irritating. How poignant.  “I know I know nothing…. I kind of know a lot.”


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