wiccan weather symbol

mmmmmm yummy, but also model, massage therapist, and merrymaker. I will be doing bodywork and fashion work and my continued belief in rock and roll I’m certain will not cease as Christine, myself, and others join in the good idea exchange. Abundance. It irritates me when I talk all spiritual. Buddhism, meditation, yoga, massage, life, why have you done this to me… I’ll take it. I suppose I’ll like it too. I gave my first full body massage in over a year this week. I can’t tell you what that’s done for me. I’ve also been walking on clouds as I’ve been wearing a pair of grey sanuks which are a shoe made out of yoga mat material. My feet are happy man. I will be visiting my family farm as well, Amazing Acres just outside of Ithaca in Hector, NY. I am a lucky girl.


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