technology abstinence

My Mac Book Pro broke last Spring and my iPhone5S has been on the fritz for nearly a month.  I must say I kind of like it.

It’s not the first time I’ve gone without technology.  I feel like Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany’s as I hear my mind describe the way I can’t seem to hold onto these mobile devices.  It reminds me of the way she spoke about her cat.  “We just took up by the river one day… I don’t think anything can belong to anybody… The way I see it I don’t have a right to give him a name.”  In this scene Audrey Hepburn’s character is looking for a phone for her new neighbor.  She ends up retrieving the rotary phone from a suitcase where she had placed it because “it muffles the sound.”

Why do I reference Audrey and all of my comfort films?  These things have sustained me for the past several years.  Why did I watch Casablanca on repeat, or Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  Why did I read “The Bell Jar” (Sylvia Plath) so many times, and always in the cold frigid wintertime?  Why do I have these patterns, and how is this related to me as a healer?  I shrug for a moment.  It’s clear to me.  Perhaps it is ineffable.  It’s nice to hear my thoughts, to see my thoughts written down in a concrete form.  It’s actually a little unnerving.  I havn’t written in years it seems; well no I havn’t really written in years, and I am a writer.  I’ve filled more journals than I can remember.  I have chronic pain in my scapula because of my excessive writing, and I once was so frustrated with myself that I forced myself to write a “book”, or “not put down the pen” until my empty journal was filled with a beginning, middle, and end.  That happened.  It took me ten hours.  I never put down my pen.  Every other chapter was fiction spliced with stream of consciousness.  What a way to allow your mind’s subconscious to release, huh.  Get yourself to write some fiction, refuse to allow yourself to put down the pen, and then enforce some stream of consciousness.  I didn’t really love what I wrote, and I’d probably be too embarrassed to look at whatever the stream of consciousness revealed.

I really feel the need to watch Practical Magic (starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman).  There’s a lot of girl power going on in my life right now with Christine of the Christine’s of the good humans of New York.

Here’s some bodywork advice: Eat well, drink water, exercise, and get rest.

Fashion advice: Prioritize comfort even if comfort to you means “looking good”.  Figure out what comfort means to yourself, but maybe my point is you can be your optimal self when your comfortable.

rock and roll advice: Listen to Tommy backwards.  You’ll see your whole future (That’s a line stolen from my comfort film Almost Famous that Zoey Deshnel delivers to the character who plays her uncool younger brother).



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