Chronic Pain

The seven months I spent at The Finger Lakes School of Massage and my training in England and work in a prominent Manhattan spa could not prepare me to answer the following question: “How do I deal with chronic pain?”  I see people suffering constantly.  Those that have fibromyalgia or other illnesses that manifest in chronic pain, my heart pours out to.  At this moment, I feel all out of answers and hope, and I don’t like that.  Chronic pain is something I live with as well, and I don’t like that I am without an answer to this question.  Lately its affected me more than my inflated ego would like to admit.  My quality of life is lower or higher because of it?  To be honest, lower.  I’d love to try to be clever and find some way of twisting it into a positive, but it just isn’t, like “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.”  In this moment I feel hopeless and want to share ways of dealing with chronic pain.


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