wellness, wisdom, rock n roll revisited

As an LMT, I have found it very difficult to blog about massage, perhaps because it is so personal to me, and for my clients is very private.  In terms of wisdom, I feel I know nothing, but people can sometimes treat me as this endless being of mantra.  This has been my main struggle.  I both know nothing, and know a hell of a lot of super helpful information.  I just feel lost.  I feel like I know how to help.  I am a helper.  Its what I’ve always been, but do I like it?  Did I become a massage therapist because I wanted to or because I happen to be good at helping people?  I love rock and roll; working as an unpaid intern in the music industry has been stressful.  Maybe if I was a different person I would know how to do it right, and that’s where I keep getting tripped up.  I keep trying to turn myself into this other person, because I can; I don’t even realize that I’m doing it.  Is being able to change just who I am, or something I would benefit from taking a break from?  I am tired, and if I was my own LMT, I’d most certainly prescribe some rest.


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