Tea, wellness & feminism

Tea is on my mind, partially because I don’t feel like a very good example of health, but I like that.  I don’t like all those phonies who are caught up in the “fit life” and project this image of perfect health because I think that those who actually accomplish that are few, and serve to make others feel bad about themselves.  I’ve always felt the pressure to be a good role model.  I think I do an okay job, but the reality is I don’t do yoga every day or often enough, I eat junk food, and I often go on no sleep and caffeine.

At the moment I feel incredibly dehydrated so I’ve got some tea steeping.  I learned in a class at Binghamton that tea is the best thing you can possibly ingest because it will give you the most amount of nutrients for the fewest number of calories.  I don’t really care about calories, haven’t since I was 15. It’s all about how I feel.

In any case, the steeping part is what it’s all about.  Tea drinkers don’t always fit in at cafes where hopped up coffee drinkers quickly guzzle down beverages.  Often, if you are the only tea drinker in a group at a cafe, your beverage will only be ready by the time everyone else is done, and then you’ve got to get a to-go cup, and I really hate drinking anything out of a to-go cup.  It does ruin the taste and the experience.

I drank a lot of tea when I was working in England, and I drank a lot of tea up at the family farm this past Autumn.  I recommend tea.  It’s pretty boring I admit, but sometimes you might get lucky and get a good saying.  Here’s what I’ve got today: “Man is a star on the stage of the universe.”  This interests me because for so long each saying was so poignant in my life.  Recently I’ve come upon the notion that women are grounded because every month they have to take care of themselves, and men are free to roam around doing as they please.  For me, today, in this moment of my life, this pearl of wisdom is poignant.  As a female LMT, as a model, and just as a human, the biggest thing on my mind lately has been feminism.  I can’t write about it because I get angry and I get into trouble.  In fact just the other day I got hit on and it had been so long that I was spoken to in such a demeaning way, that my reaction put me in more danger.  Instead of turning the guy down I said, “Don’t call me sweetheart, please.”  Eventually he started waiving his hand in the air and I ran scared.  “Man is a star on the stage of the universe.”  I am shaking my head.  It’s so true, and thank you tea for taking so long to steep and giving me this time to locate myself as a feminist; and now I am remembering what I even mean by feminism… greentea


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