sitting naked in your living room

“I recommend sitting naked in your living room.”

I’ve always heard Alanis.  It started with “you live you learn,” except I never quite knew where I had gotten that adage from, and then I’d always remember a moment later and add, “Alanis said it,” and I’d feel a bit more relaxed.

I am sitting naked in my living room at the moment, and I feel like it’s a really important thing; people don’t participate in self care often enough as far as I can tell, and of course; I hope that I am wrong.

Self care may not be sitting alone in your naked room for you, but as an LMT it is startling the degree to which it appears the average human is unaccustomed to self care.  Its as though the human race and “self care” need an introduction.

It’s no secret that the bulk of capitalistic-type Americanos are living in the constant “fight or flight” way of living.  Concessions to one’s health must be made.  It isn’t like it used to be either, as though people were doing it to themselves.  It’s about survival now, and we seem to all be caught in the hamster wheel.  Maybe it was always like this; I think my quoting Alanis says it all.  I’m a reactionary?  Holding onto the past? Or somehow still accessing what was good about it.  I feel crazy for still wanting to comment on the economic crisis of 2008/9, but it truly affected myself and my family, and I can still FEEL it.  I don’t know.  Maybe this is what it means to be a neurotic Jewish Italian.  I have been quoted many times as saying that I am the female Woody Allen.

Let me put it to you this way.  I was a Spa Therapist in midtown Manhattan.  I am an educated Yogi Buddhist Massage Therapist who still feels that natural human paranoia we all feel, save the lucky ones of us who’ve maybe reached enlightenment?

In any case, thank you for the subconscious recommendation Alanis that would grab me by the balls-what-two decades later? Thanks for being a sick ass chic rocker and getting your metaphorical lyrics stuck in my head when I didn’t even know what they meant way back when.  This is my 90’s nostalgia, and it’s both bigger and smaller than that, and this is me saying thank you and giving gratitude.

Alanis, thank you.  They don’t make ’em like they used to.

Meredith Brooks Alanis mix up

when all you want is for an outdated video to be the next thing on t.v., and it is… that whole Meredith Brooks/Alanis mix up is still an issue in today’s music history awareness.


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