Fight Club

fight club

girl foreground beach background

feminism trigger girl foreground beach background humanized nature blue like a color and pretty like a girl.

I think I know a thing or two about feminism; human suffering & social change, and then I see authenticity among the simplicity and I wonder if I feel these feminist triggers not laid to rest, but understood & real.

My reaction to this photo remains inconclusive, however the power of its beauty and intrigue is undeniable; I deprive myself of beauty possibly because the world is ugly and mad, and then when there are those beautiful… moments, I pause; I do not mind thinking on feminism if “feminism” is where my mind lingers… all because I can’t recall the term from debate which describes the phenomena of words like “feminism” not having a continuous meaning.

Despite the aforementioned flaws to an “ism” like the word I’ve said so many times, that as a writer I have grown weary of hearing it.

As a human I grow weary of not feeling it, and I mean more so that I find it strange and upsetting that there isn’t enough solidarity among women, that one hungers for it…

Not to worry.  I have seen the future and neuroses like “overhearing” the word “feminism” will not prevent… well to be honest it does drive me nuts to hear the same sound repeatedly.  I do not have any working synonyms.  “Witchcraft” comes to mind.


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