coming out

Practical Magic

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play witches in the film Practical Magic

I feel I have been denying my inner witch, and that I should let her out.  We’re all witches though, even men.  I think being in touch with your inner witch can mean something as simple as being in touch with your intuition.

The other day I was thinking about how scary it is to bring up or speak on feminism, and that’s kind of what witchcraft is.  The term itself is a little stigmatized.  Which term do you ask?  Feminism or witchcraft?

Nicole Kidman Practical Magic

There are dangers in practicing the craft. There are fears in coming out. Writing is scary for me?

I’m smiling now.  I didn’t know I was still capable of making myself smile when I write.  Writing has become kind of a scary thing for me.  I think there was a time when I “became the writer” when I was younger and super into philosophy and figuring myself and the world out.  So I’m coming down and coming out as a “witch” or a “feminist”, for now anyway.  I think Feminism suits misplaced 20 something’s.  I hope that it suits me my whole life, which is an unfortunate hope because it means that the same problems that were presented in Gloria Steinem’s time have not been solved to my liking, and I have this awful nagging feeling that these problems will outlive me.

Practical Magic

there’s a little witch inside all of us







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