girls in academia & women in the workplace


tired businesswoman

I must admit I often feel this way

happy business woman

but I also often feel like this

women at typewriter

and now I am brought back to my most essential dream; though I feel I’ve laid it to rest, does one ever lay to rest their girlhood dream? (writing)

Gloria Steinem

I do see myself as a Gloria Steinem type, and I’m putting her and Janis here just to make me feel better.

Janis Joplin


I’ve only just woken up and already my mind is ablaze.  I found myself asking if I’m good enough as I am, or if I could use more education (whatever that means).

I’m just going to leave that there, put a pin in it.

I’m also thinking about how on some level we all want to go viral, and are willing to sell out a little for it.  I’d like to say that I am not one of those people (but am I being honest with myself :P)?  If I were to sell out, I’d have to keep track of that persona, and in today’s day and age where there is such an accumulation and amassing of “stuff”… phew it just seems like it’d kill me.  I did make a confession of an overworked woman, and I’d like to make another.

As an Arts Management Major, and as kind of a misplaced 20 something, I feel burnt out; a more interesting insight is that I’ve used “social networking” to maybe fill a void, and what’s more interesting is that I don’t necessarily believe that this is a bad thing, or unhealthy, so long as I’m aware of it.


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