Yoga: doing work in bed pose

girl doing work in bed

I’ve missed this pose. Namaste.

A real life writer came and gave a talk at Binghamton a few years ago, and he said if you want to be a writer you have to do it every day all day long, not when it comes to you; I’ve never forgotten that.  I do maintain that all humans have their own process.

Something has felt off in my life, and I think I haven’t done this pose in far too long.  Doing work in bed.  I was always taught that was wrong, whether from an article I read as a young girl, or later in life in my yoga studies.  I’m here saying now that it is not wrong, but like coming to the mat, it sort of only happens when… one arrives here.

I feel this responsibility to let any readers know that there is a correlation between literally being in bed and being “sleepy” and therefore being not as productive because the familiarity of the bed might be telling your mind to go to sleep.  This little factoid has been messing with me for like… fifteen years. O I am feeling so rebellious right now ;). <-That’s why I don’t give out any “tips.”  I’m full of them, but just like with Feng Shui rules and any other “ism”, sure there is merit to it, but if you were born in America and raised in kind of a traditional American way, then living steadfastly by these “rules” may not work for you.  “American Culture” is kind of an interesting topic because most say we don’t have any; all we have is business and money.  We’ve also got personhood I think.  I think rules don’t work for us.  I think we do what we want.  Some of us are trying to correct this; it actually feels like a trend, this whole “self improvement” fad.  Just know that each “self” is its own universe and there is no true universal guidebook for self-improvement.  Accessing that inner voice may be key to navigating yourself among the masses.  Sometimes my voice is overly wisdomatic, and sometimes it is far too humble.  I think here is a fine example of accepting “self improvement as way of life” & also merely accepting the self, and I am still holding a space for that inner voice to help navigate this situation of the blogosphere.


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