a girl that i love no homo

This article shall remain photo-less, but not image-less for a description of her beauty is so grand that soon, if you continue to read, you will feel how beautiful she is, simply because her beauty gives me strength enough to write on it, especially the meaning of beauty, and I do not show her image, because only she will let you into her eyes.  What is it about girls who don’t let you in?  They are so strong, and that’s one reason why I love her.  She hides her beauty from the evils of the world so that they will not suffer her.  She is restoring her strength, regaining a sense of the wonders that caused others to prey upon her widsoms.  We, or is it only I who is still afraid to feel beautiful again?  We both know the exhaustive nature of beauty too well; never the less her beauty has always, continues to inspire me.


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