space cadette





girl cartoon

human with wings

^Why have non-human humans been showing up in our fantasy culture?

Pamela Des Barres

Pamela Des Barres always fascinates me.

There is a lot of pressure placed on proper girls to be pretty.  I think the definition of “pretty” is completely unattainable.  Who can recount whatever made Ms. Barres’s eyes glow like that when she smiled on that day?  And to the romanticized image of a girl with wings, any unearthly sexualization of a woman’s body- she is advantaged with the mastery of a power us earthling girls will never possess, so stop thinking that our perfection will last.  How do you recognize a power or gift in another and understand it, and nurture it just so?

The advantages of flight are so unfair and it’s like I feel this pressure to be as perfect as someone who can fly; the Doug Funny Cosmopolitan Update is me because even classically pretty girls can feel ugly sometimes.  Life isn’t perfect and when you can’t fix it with your alleged infinitesimal “striking perfection”, it can weigh on you.  I however do possess a kind of strength that I don’t understand.  Cheers to the Doug Funny update.


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