yogi on adderall

take pause

i beg you

she said because that’s what it looked like.  Picture coke head reading Simone De Beavoir.  I prefer to look at myself this way, and I know there are plenty of people out there who did a lot of add medication in the 90’s.  Who have seen Requiem for A Dream; what does it look like? Maybe it’s not far off from doing coke in the 80’s though I know I’d truly have no clue; “Clueless” is one of my favorite films.  Do you see the stream of consciousness pouring out of me begging to slow down?

Who here among us have seen The Wizard of Oz, or have listened to the albums of Pink Floyd secretly in our minds?  What did “we” see?  I’ve got no clue what you saw.  I’ve only seen what I’ve seen and I guess I felt pissed off about a “living out your car” jab at some point in my life because I do carry baggage and that translates into material things like the need to have an extra scarf.

Its not something I want to think deeply into, and that’s why I pause.  There is no point in doing it any longer; only the remnant of the energy that this is something that I should do.  Follow the Yellow Brick Road.  Follow The Yellow Brick Road.  She’s afraid of her own poetry, but she’s such a weak woman she doesn’t have the time or energy to care about the small things in life.  She wishes to be exactly who she is.

There was a time when I hungered for you.  I don’t know if “you” is a concept, or an image of a concept, or my reality being a nervous wreck on the inside.


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