I love the Hegelian Dialectic.  It comforts me so God Damn much.

(Dear God, you’ve helped me out a lot lately but I’d really like to let loose and just fucking talk and I’m sorry but a lot of people must have resented you for “god damn” to have become a saying.  I try to abstain, I really do, but hey you’re God, you can take it right?)

I love when I make myself laugh.

The dualism is this intense need to “help others” and this… knowledge- I don’t know if you can call it “knowledge” because I have not committed to the idea yet- so in any case this intense need to help others and this knowledge that my soul needs to unplug from that particular “gift” of mine.  It terrifies me to think that I’m an empath and makes me feel like a freak and makes me feel… maybe hopeful?  That all of my life makes sense… somehow…I’d rather not sit there and label myself with this bad terms just cause I’ve been in bad situations.  I don’t like being in bad situations, but a part of me does, hungers for it I think to an extent because of the whole empath thing.  Dear God, listen, everyone is responsible for themselves.  I’m not responsible for them.

I may not actually be an empath but in this moment, this label comforts me.



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