yoga advice

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I think that when we sit for long periods, our bodies naturally tense because our bodies want to burn calories.  We’ve all heard it. We’re not supposed to be in desk position.  Our bodies are meant to be used.

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If you’re not Kate Moss and can have as much amazing sex as you want, then you might be working at a desk all day, and that doesn’t mean you can’t have a life as awesome as Kate Moss’s.  I just noticed how I tend to tense my muscles when I’m sitting for long periods.  I remember how I noticed that about myself in 9th grade Biology as well.  I would just sit there, clenching my muscles.  I really hate modernity and sitting all day, but I guess I’m thankful for computers because I am sick and it gives me hope that I could work from home.

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So if you’re reading this and you’ve been at your computer for a while, fuck your boss or your own hard-work-complex, get the fuck up and stretch.  I swear it’ll only be like five seconds of your life…


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