little stream o consciousness

Britney and I are artists.

Britney dancing gif

Britney dancing



It’s hard for me to not talk about Britney Spears, like every day.  It’s hard for me to lay down the word “like” and go on.  It’s hard for me to begin three sentences in a row with the same five words.  Dear God, does this mean I’m a writer? 😛

I don’t take myself that seriously.  I believe that everyone can be a writer.  Maybe I say that to take the pressure off of me to be “the writer”, redirect it at someone else, or maybe I simply enjoy watching other people indulge in something I gain so much from: writing.

Hm.  Sometimes its so easy to say “I’m a good writer,” and sometimes I just don’t.  Like with anything that is apart of you, sometimes you can produce, and sometimes you can’t, and if people know you’re a good writer, they might develop certain expectations of you, and then… you may worry about the pressures that come along with that; the biggest worry is writing badly, having someone see you that way, and then they never know that you really are a good writer deep down.  Damn girl.  I never knew I was such a fucking artist.

I meant to say something about Britney, didn’t I?  Is it so bad to be a perfectionist and to want what you write to be cohesive?  What good did stream of consciousness writing ever do me anyway?  I got so lost, but the reality is that I need stream of consciousness writing, to get it out.  It’s true.



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