the beeb

I just want to talk about how good it feels to have a crush on Justin Bieber at age 26.  Ten years ago it was Robert Plant.  When I look at R.Plant now, I feel angry.  He seems so misogynistic, and the feminist in me would not like me saying this but in a way he has/had the right to be.  When you’re that sexy you can have whatever you want, when you’re a man.  Damn.  It’s like I can’t breathe without my feminism being triggered.

In any case I appreciate Justin Bieber’s seeming interest in treating women well and repenting.  I think it sets a good example and its a nice break from the rape culture that us girls are trained to be apart of.

I’m all antsy right now.  I really don’t know what I’m saying, and I hate when I’m like this, and I only hope that J.Bieb’s can love me even though I am this way.


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