millennial poetry

WE don’t talk about how we’re feeling.  We just distract ourselves symbolically all day long…oh well… and it keeps getting better, and sometimes worse, and its life.

it’s all just a little bit of history repeating/and the 90s are over/so now i can know everything and just live/ours was a gentler peace than our parents’/thanks for reading be here now

In the winter times in NY millennials like to see themselves over and over again in each other and other things and themselves.  There’s lots of stuff.  Haven’t you noticed?  “yeah, but I’ll re-notice, or notice again, or notice in a new way.”…  “I think I get it… Oh wait… that’s cool too.”

I am listening to “Nevermind”, the actual CD and I capitalize cd not because it’s proper grammar, but because I fucking love CD’s, but I hate the feeling that’s about to come up (CD ending), but I know that that means its real life and I think that a lot of girls or people from the 90s who were over-medicated with adderall are now just constantly looking for things to cheer them up… but I mean… it’s better to not be someplace sunny getting skin cancer and finding my internal Vitamin D, right?…or is it Vitamin C?  I think we need both…anyway… still feel the need to point out my extreme subtlety.  I am desperately trying to be at the beach in my mind and I am in NY in the winter (just explaining the idea of this add atmosphere, and how it makes me super subtle, and I hate explaining my subtlety, but…oh well)… We are all clever elitist snobs.  Some of us are more interesting than others.  Some of us are really into being right about what we’re elitist snobs about, and some of us haven’t realized that its okay to be an elitist snob, and some of us are just elitist snobs hating each others’… mastery of their own elitist snobbery?  The CD just ended.  Nirvana ends.  Nirvana ends and begins again.  Or doesn’t.  I don’t know.  I’m a millennial.  I only wish I knew everything because its all right at my finger tips, but I also don’t like that… technology and shit… but it’s like… life in America… “go nicks”


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