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Ever want to scream outloud the lyrics your listening to on your headphones?  Kurt Cobain is taking me there in this moment and that’s something I have in this moment in real life that noone else can ever have, but more than anything when I’m talking about the 90s so much I’m talking about the point of music.  Everything is a comment on a comment.  For me now, music is both a form of analysis (arts marketing), personal, and… a bunch of other shit like noise pollution, bad memories stored away… the way other people are with their music is the most beautiful thing to me. To me this is wellness, wisdom, and rock and roll.

and the following smells like my teen spirit:

and I think one still might benefit from screaming post-adolescence.  If you watch the video and don’t get the screaming then you can fuck off in my head right now.

Head bang, thrust your pom pom, be an entertainer, what’s the difference?



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