wellness (optimism), wisdom (buddhism), and rock n roll (nihilism)

peace sign

the peace sign is my wellness.

night sky

Night Sky, Red Rocks, & Earth is my wisdom.  What is red?

girl at Binghamton

nihilism=my self;sometimes I feel so “chill” it borders on irritation

Up there is my triquetra of balance.  Nice to meet you.  I think I want to go by Michelle Rose.  Its got a nicer ring to it than that “monachino” crap I was trying to market into the best cup of coffee anyone could ever have; i love coffee. everything in my life is a metaphor like how monachino is me no matter what, and i will love coffee no matter what despite all of the yogic buddhist bull.  i’m so glad my last name reminds me of who i am, a nihilist because my optimism is self-created and its a bore, and wisdom is this thing mainly outside of myself.  i am the quintessential all american girl from the greater new york area circa millennia and i am little girl lost.

p.s. this is a statement type thing.  i will abstain from coffee if and when i choose to and i just don’t want people harshing my buzz telling me when i should and shouldn’t be abstaining from things.

Michelle Rose Monachino, LMT
An LMT is a Licensed Massage Therapist or bodyworker.  Other legal terms for such a licensed individual are masseuse or masseur.  Massage Therapist falls under the umbrella of bodyworker, but encompasses a lot in an of itself.

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